Alexa Bliss Nose Job and Boob Job

There is no doubt Alexa Bliss has had several plastic surgeries, more specifically, a nose job and boob job. What do you think of the wrestler’s enhanced appearance? Learn all about her plastic surgeries and body measurements below.


Alexa was born August 9, 1991 in Columbus, Ohio. Since the early age, Alexa did a lot of sports, such as gymnastics, softball, and kickboxing. As a teenager, Bliss experienced a serious eating disorder but managed to recover. Alexa Bliss is currently fighting at WWE rings. In 2017, Bliss got engaged to her boyfriend and fellow wrestler, Buddy Murphy. They make quite a handsome couple and we can’t wait to see their wedding.

Plastic Surgery Facts

Alexa Bliss has revealed that she got breast implants to help her recover from eating disorders that almost killed her when she was just 17-years-old.

Regarding her nose job, she was quoted as saying: “I had surgery, I had to get my nose all handled because, after six broken noses, it finally collapsed.”

Take a look at the table below. It shows whether or not Alexa Bliss went under the knife for different kinds of plastic surgery procedures.

Alexa Bliss - Plastic Surgery Overview
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)Yes
Breast AugmentationYes
Breast ReductionN/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid SurgeryN/A

Plastic Surgery Pictures

Can you tell from the photos whether Alexa Bliss' body and face are natural?

Plastic Surgery: Alexa Bliss does not shy away from the occasional cosmetic surgery. But with such amazing results, who could blame her?
Nose job: Alexa Bliss' transformation is noticeable but not to the extreme. All in all, she looks decent.

Alexa Bliss Quotes

"You can move past your eating disorder and not let it have control over your life anymore."

Alexa Bliss

"You have to take control of the crowd because there have been times when they have scared people. The 'Bayley: This Is Your Life' segment - the girl who was Bayley's best friend, the crowd was yelling at her. They were like, 'Boring, what?'"

Alexa Bliss

"A lot of times, when we travel, a lot of people on the road have the Switch going. We will all connect on the Switch and play the games against each other. It's obviously the healthier alternative than partying, but it's great."

Alexa Bliss

"I would say wrestling gives you confidence. It gives you strength. It helps you learn discipline, and to know that you have to love the process and respect the process, and if you just keep going, you can accomplish anything."

Alexa Bliss

"Bodybuilding helped me to realize that I don't have to look like the girls in the magazines and that it's OK to feel good about my curves."

Alexa Bliss