What Plastic Surgery Has Linda Ronstadt Gotten?

We have listed all plastic surgeries Linda Ronstadt has and has not done. Could plastic surgery be her secret weapon? Below are the rumors, plastic surgery facts, and more!


Linda Ronstadt is an American singer, songwriter and musician, widely known as the The Queen of Country Rock, and is an eleven-time Grammy Award winner. Ronstadt was born on July 15, 1946 as Linda Maria Ronstadt in Tucson, Arizona, USA. She is daughter to Gilbert Ronstadt, a prosperous machinery merchant who ran the F. Ronstadt Co., and Ruth Mary Ronstadt, a homemaker. In the mid-1970s, she dated Governor Jerry Brown, and was engaged to Star Wars director George Lucas in the mid-1980s but never married.

She began a relationship with Governor Jerry Brown in the mid-1970s and was engaged to Star Wars director George Lucas in the mid-1980s but never married.

She was in The Color of Money, which was directed by Martin Scorsese.

Plastic Surgery Facts

Linda Ronstadt admitted in an interview in 1975, with Rolling Stone magazine while she did not have her nose rebuilt she had to have some blood vessels in her nose cauterized from cocaine use.

Take a look at the table below. It shows whether or not Linda Ronstadt went under the knife for different kinds of plastic surgery procedures.

Linda Ronstadt - Plastic Surgery Overview
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)N/A
Breast AugmentationN/A
Breast ReductionN/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid SurgeryN/A

Plastic Surgery Pictures

Can you tell from the photos whether Linda Ronstadt's body and face are natural?

Looking attractive: Linda Ronstadt knows how to strike a pose. She doesn't need any plastic surgery to look impressive.

Linda Ronstadt Quotes

"I've been lucky in my life to work with people who I consider master singers."

Linda Ronstadt

"The only reason to be with somebody is that they make you a better person and you make them a better person."

Linda Ronstadt

"I always thought competition was for horse races and it never belonged in art. I never felt that competitive with other girl singers, really."

Linda Ronstadt

"Ninety-nine percent of singing is listening and hearing, and so then 1 percent of it is singing."

Linda Ronstadt

"I never thought of myself as a rock singer. I was interested in songs like 'Heart Like a Wheel,' and I liked the others for about 15 minutes."

Linda Ronstadt