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Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery among politicians is common these days. Nancy Pelosi’s plastic surgery is another real example. Pelosi certainly needs perfect companion for her perfect political career. Has Pelosi really had it? Well, many believe that Pelosi indeed has had work done. Experts even suggest the possibility of facelift and eyelift. Rumors about Nancy’s boob job [...]

Charlotte McKinney Chest Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery – The truth about her body While many celebrities have denied plastic surgery only to later retract their claims, or denied even when the transformation was obvious, McKinney has at least used her claims of a naturally curvaceous figure to create a narrative of self-acceptance, empowerment, and sheer ambition. Despite being bullied while [...]

Joel Osteen Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery temptation is hard to resist. Even preachers couldn’t easily deny the lure. This site has covered several popular American preachers who have plastic surgery. Most are women, but that doesn’t mean men don’t need appearance enhancement. Famous pastor, Joel Osteen, has been under suspicion for having cosmetic surgery. Unusual face look simply sparks [...]

Winona Ryder Plastic Surgery

In some statements Winona Ryder said that she doesn’t have plastic surgery. But that doesn’t stop public from believing the opposite. Reports about Winona Ryder plastic surgery has been around for several years. This matter also attracts some plastic surgery experts. As you might have guessed, Ryder’s cosmetic surgery involves some of her face parts. [...]

Jillian Harris Plastic Surgery

Former Bachelorette, Jillian Harris is another female celebrity who has her own plastic surgery. But unlike many other celebs, 37-year-old Canadian is open enough about it. She even told why she finally chose plastic surgery. It appears that Harris took online criticisms about her physical appearance seriously. Online bullying motivated her to get plastic surgery. [...]

Alicia Keys Nose Job

Plastic surgery issue is not a new thing for Alicia Keys. It has surrounded her for years. Changes on her face parts invites people’s question. Has she had plastic surgery as her beauty enhancement? She didn’t clearly admit it. But many believe that Alicia Keys plastic surgery has taken place to correct nose. Keys’ nose [...]