Privacy Policy

Visitor’s visit to this site make it possible to gather some data from the visitor. uses at least Google Analytics and Google Adsense services. The Google services are used not to spy or even harm the visitors privacy. The usage of those services in this site are aimed to understand visitors/readers interests to the site. By understanding the reader’s presence we want to make this site better. Yes, the collected information are simply used to improve this site performance.

How does this site collect visitors/readers data? This site uses cookie. What is cookie? Wikipedia defines cookie as a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in the user’s web browser while the user is browsing.

This cookie can remember visitors activity on this site. So, it is true to say that cookie helps improve better, faster visitors experience to this site. Cookies are used by the mentioned Google services.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool to analyze visitors traffic. It is important to know the number of visitors and how they react to the site so that we can make a better place to visit.

What kind of information are collected? Please visit Google Privacy Policy for a more comprehensive explanation.

And you as visitor, however, can change the cookie setting on your web browser. Since there are many different browsers please go to your browser website to get more information about how to manage cookie.

Google Adsense uses Google Adsense service to display advertisement. Like Analytics, Google Adsense also uses cookie but for different purpose. Adsense and its partners use cookie to serve better, more relevant ads to visitors/readers’ browsers.

Overall, all the gathered data from this site is aimed to create a good user experience. If you have question about privacy policy of this site please feel free to contact us from the Contact form available.