Adam Rippon’s Plastic Surgery – What We Know So Far

Adam Rippon looks mesmerizing whether plastic surgery is involved or not. Celebrities often go under the knife in pursuit of beauty or to fight age signs. What cosmetic surgeries does the figure skater have in his bag of tricks?


American figure skater who took gold at the 2016 US Figure Skating Championships. In 2018, he won a bronze medal as part of the team event and became the first openly gay U.S. male athlete to win a medal at the Winter Olympics. He won season 26 of Dancing with the Stars in 2018 and became a judge on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors.

He started skating when he was 10 years old and started competing at the junior level in 2002.

His signature triple lutz has earned the nicknamed “Rippon Lutz.” He was born with significant hearing loss, but surgery early in his life helped restore it.

Plastic Surgery Facts

Take a look at the table below. It shows whether or not Adam Rippon went under the knife for different kinds of plastic surgery procedures.

Adam Rippon - Plastic Surgery Overview
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)N/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid SurgeryN/A

Plastic Surgery Pictures

Can you tell from the photos whether Adam Rippon's body and face are natural?

The figure skater is looking lovely. It must be a breeze to stand in the limelight when boasting such a remarkable figure as Adam Rippon.
Hello there: Adam Rippon effortlessly steals the spotlight, but has he gone under the knife?

Adam Rippon Quotes

"When I found skating, it was something that was individual, and it was something that I could focus on being my best. And I loved the whole practice, and I also loved performing. It was probably the first time I felt really good about myself and that I was good at something, because I always liked being athletic."

Adam Rippon

"As an audience member, I like to watch what they're doing, and that's one of the reasons I love skating: because it's a performance, and I love to perform. That's my favorite aspect of skating."

Adam Rippon

"As soon as I broke my foot, I remember thinking that I'm going to make this the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Adam Rippon

"I've gotten a lot of attention, I think, just for being myself. I think that a lot of people, when they come to a competition, are afraid to be themselves no matter who they are."

Adam Rippon

"It's my world, and the rest of us are living in it."

Adam Rippon