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Alicia Keys Nose Job

Plastic surgery issue is not a new thing for Alicia Keys. It has surrounded her for years. Changes on her face parts invites people’s question. Has she had plastic surgery as her beauty enhancement? She didn’t clearly admit it. But many believe that Alicia Keys plastic surgery has taken place to correct nose. Keys’ nose [...]

Paula White Plastic Surgery

It seems that nothing prohibits a pastor from having plastic surgery. This site has covered several preachers’ plastic surgeries and it is time for Paula White. White is a another famous televangelist who embraces cosmetic surgery as her beauty enhancement method. Effects of Paula White plastic surgery is easy to see. You don’t even need [...]

Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery

Bella Hadid’s life changes drastically in the past few years. She didn’t need a long time to turn her career around. Beside career, another thing that experiences major shift is her physical appearance. 20-year-old model looks significantly different compared to her in a few years before. Many online reports suggest that she has work done. [...]

Famous people always have way to make them famous. Cheri Oteri has her own way. Beside comedy, she chooses plastic surgery to make public see her. However, result of plastic surgeon’s work can’t make us laugh. It is far from funny. In fact, she looks much weirder. Cheri Oteri plastic surgery has certainly been done [...]

Rexella Van Impe Facelift

Plastic surgery is certainly not exclusive for actors or actresses. Televangelist also needs it. Rexella Van Impe is a perfect example. It is hard for her to deny the surgeon involvement. Her ageless face has been target of rumor for years. Many consider Rexella Van Impe plastic surgery is the real cause behind that youthful [...]

Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery tempts anyone. Men, women, old and young are potential patients. Among those young idols, Dove Cameron is another one who is under suspicion of having cosmetic surgery. Her fans notice changes on her face well. Some believe she has possibly enhanced her nose with the help of plastic surgeon. Is Dove Cameron plastic [...]