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Patrick Dempsey Nose Job

Plastic surgery issue has surrounded Patrick Dempsey for years. Despite no clear statement from him, many believe that he had visited plastic surgeon office to get some refinement. As you might have known, Patrick Dempsey plastic surgery is mainly related to his nose. Dempsey’s nose job issue surfaced after he showed significant change on his [...]

Loni Anderson Plastic Surgery

Loni Anderson plastic surgery is obvious. Even without her admission we can see possible plastic surgeon intervention on her. Anderson’s boob job has been a hot topic to discuss. Her breasts appearance invites people’s curiosity. As you can see, she has big and tight breasts. Her boobs are too good to be true. She is [...]

Al Pacino Plastic Surgery

Even Al Pacino couldn’t escape from plastic surgery rumor. Among Hollywood plastic surgery cases, his is one of the most interesting. He is a legendary actor, we know that. Some speculate the possibility of cosmetic surgery on his face. Facelift and Botox are things he may have had. Is Al Pacino plastic surgery true? 77-year-old [...]

Julia Roberts lips

Report about Julia Roberts plastic surgery has been around for several years. But, has she really had plastic surgery? Pretty Woman‘s star simply denied that she has it, not facelift at least. “By Hollywood standards, I guess I’ve already taken a big risk in not having had a facelift,” she told You Magazine a few [...]

Madonna plastic surgery is popular enough. Like many other top singers, Madonna can’t also escape from suspicion that she has enhanced her physical appearance with possibly plastic surgeon knife. Has Madonna really had plastic surgery? She was once asked about this topic. And her answer? As cited from dailymail.co.uk, she simply denied that she had [...]

We may not sure if Audrina Patridge plastic surgery has something to do with her “ceiling eyes”. But it is easier to believe that her nose, lips and boobs are enhanced with the help of plastic surgeon. She denied that she has plastic surgery. However, she couldn’t easily escape from the rumor. As some believe, [...]