Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery, Before and After Liposuction Pictures


Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery, Before After Liposuction Picture

Did Wendy Williams have plastic surgery? Unlike many other celebrities who hide their plastic surgeries, Wendy Williams is open enough about it. She admitted works on her boobs and tummy. Reports about Wendy Williams plastic surgery has actually been around since years ago. But it appears that many can’t simply ignore her curvy body. Permanent result of her breast augmentation attracts many eyes. We can’t also deny noticeable outcome of liposuction and tummy tuck on her body.

Plastic surgery is not a new thing for Wendy Williams. As she admitted, she has had it since about 20 years ago. Wendy Williams Before and After plastic surgery picture above captures plastic surgeon works on her breasts. It is easy to say that she has so big, round breasts. Her boobs size, reportedly 34FF, simply makes her chest look so full.

Breast implants didn’t stop her liking for plastic surgery. While she added more volume to her boobs, she wanted the opposite to her tummy. The Wendy Williams Show host wanted it reduced. Beside lost weight, liposuction is the cause of her slimmer waist.

Liposuction is a fast way to remove excess fat under the skin. For better result, many plastic surgeons would suggest combining it with tummy tuck whenever needed. And it seems that Wendy took her surgeon advice. Not only made smaller stomach, tummy tuck or medically known as Abdominoplasty has successfully created better waist shape there. Although sometimes Wendy looks so unusual with such a waist due to her super big boobs but it is tolerable. What do you think?

Wendy has her own reason for taking those procedures. As cited from people.com, she revealed why she chose plastic surgery;

“I just wanted to fit into good clothes. I wanted the body that matched my personality. And the body I have now matches my personality.”

We appreciate her openness to plastic surgery. However, Wendy Williams plastic surgery doesn’t seem to stop on her body. Some believe that she has also had nose job and even facelift. Well, while it is a bit hard to prove the latter procedure, it is easier to see her nose alteration.

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery, Before and After Photo

We can examine the comparison photo to see result of the possible nose surgery. Wendy Williams undoubtedly had bigger nasal wings and bridge when she was young. Her makeup and other cosmetic products could affect her nose appearance, makes it smaller and narrower. However, mini Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) can make it more permanent.

So, do you agree that she has enhanced her nose? You can leave your feedback about overall result of Wendy Williams plastic surgery below.

Plastic Surgery Facts

Take a look at the table below. It shows whether or not Wendy Williams went under the knife for different kinds of plastic surgery procedures.

Wendy Williams - Plastic Surgery Overview
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)N/A
Breast AugmentationN/A
Breast ReductionN/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid SurgeryN/A